Terre d'Orcia Timeless traditions

A floor inspired by the tradition of Terre d’Orcia region, a land rich in history and culture.

Many tone differences define the rustic surface giving a natural and irregular movement to the project.

Three sizes – 40x80 cm (16”x32”), 40x40 cm (16”x16”) and 13x80 cm (5,2”x32”) – combined with four timeless colors, make TERRE D’ORCIA a refined collection and at the same time, thanks to the product technology, a product with an advanced technical performance.

New décorative mosaics in 40x40cm (16”x16”) have been added to the collection.

REGULAR mosaic has geometric designs. The Red version can be perfectly combined with Vulci and Pienza colors, while the Blue version is suitable for Saturnia and Firenze colors.

MELANGE mosaic in two colors (Blue and Orange) can be combined to all base versions. both these mosaics are suitable for wall tiling. We realized a floor suitable mosaic made by cutting.

Four different decors in size 40x40 (16”x16”) - one for each color base - complete the range.

Each decor is made up of 18 patterns which are randomly boxed corresponding to the random nature of the installation.


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