Evolution a timeless timber effect

What is fashion today?

Originality is the answer!

To notice this, all you need to do is look around.

Retro atmospheres are imposed everywhere.

Shabby chic furniture that looks like it’s been stolen from an old 

TV series and clothes that have been borrowed by Granny’s wardrobe!

All mixed with the most fashionable modern pieces….

This is what our Evolution collection is all about!

Timeless with its consumed look, it reminds us of the past and all

its charm, but at the same time this original timber

finish presents an evolution because of the modern materials and

colours used, which launches  it to our current  period.Evolution,

can be used monochrome on its own, creating contemporary and

elegant environments, or with a mix of various colours to enjoy an

even more dynamic and cheerful atmosphere.

May it be for the residential area of a new home, or the

refurbishing of a stylish seaside or country house, or for a trendy bar or shop, the use of this unique collection is a perfect balance in mixing tradition and modernity together, creating a very fashionable solution.

Full body glazed porcelain, 10 warm colours in size

20x120 cm / 8”x48”, which go from sandy light pale colours to

greys and black, to blues and greens, all with a delicate touch of

metal which adds a beautiful light to the finish.

Evolution…. And the past is in perfect harmony with our current day.

A timeless product which offers charm and charisma for unique atmospheres in any environment

Memories of the past create harmony in modern times


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