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When one thinks about majolicas around the world, one of the first thoughts goes to Vietri on the Amalfitana coast, a location in Italy known worldwide for its arts and crafts made of ceramics.

We think about clean lines, perfect geometries and a great architect of the 900’s, which is Giò Ponti.

Our new creation is born! Giò.

This collection is inspired by the majolicas of Sorrento 

which were created 

by the great architect and designer Giò Ponti in 1962.

Giò is made with contemporary material, full body porcelain,

combined to a clean design. 

Broad features intersect with unique geometries, creating 

a perfect balance.

From the most sober colour white, through to grey and to black, 

all the way to the turquoise of the seas.

Giò maintains the coherence of the original project of Giò Ponti, 

as the single patterns composed create the design.

The collection comes in sizes 60x60cm / 24”x24”and 20x20cm 8”x8”.

This is a unique and versatile product which combines tradition to the neatness of the design, blending colour, art and nature together. 

“Blue skies, blue seas, blue islands, blue majolicas, green plants, 

roses at the feet of the princess, footprints of a dancer”. (Giò Ponti) 


 essential features for a neat and sheer style


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