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Unmistakeable stories made in Unica

"When a product vibrates with its land and its history, evoking feelings that stand as many little fragments of the same narrative, one cannot help but notice the value of every single component it is made of."

"Matching new technology to traditional know-how, Unica fashions top-quality creations to tell unmistakeable stories."
These stories reverberate with the whole cultural process of anyone involved; this is why they change from time to time, as they adapt every time to different protagonists.

Unica stands out for the flexible combination of industry and craftsmanship targeted at achieving the best results in every project, through modern processes and cutting-edge manufacturing methods resorting to CNC machine technology and lean enterprise models.

This goes together with the craftsmanship tradition in which Unica takes particular pride and from which it inherited methods that enable to bring out the quality of ceramic products. This approach is testified to also by a brand known all over the world as a synonym with prestige: Made in Italy. All Unica collections are designed and manufactured in Italy according to time honoured and traditional excellence criteria.


Every product tells a story and every story is a tiny fragment of who we are.


Unica matches craftsmanship know-how and high technology, taking inspiration from the past with the eyes always set on the future.

Made in Italy

All Unica collections are designed and manufactured in Italy, as a mark of excellence.

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