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Unmistakeable stories made in Unica

When a product vibrates with its land and its history, evoking feelings that
stand as many little fragments of the same narrative, one cannot help but
notice the value of every single component it is made of.

Matching new technology to traditional know-how, Unica fashions top-quality
creations to tell unmistakeable stories.


Just like little works of art

Since day one Unica's designers have experimented and sought new ways
to fashion small ceramic works of art in an innovative way.

Every prototype is designed in the creative laboratory, where the architecture of complex
ideas are researched and brought to life. Every piece is one of a kind,
because every project is different.


Tailor-made style

Unica manufactures technical-decorative surfaces that are appropriate for both indoor
and outdoor design, for both business or residential facilities, to create recognisable and personalized solutions.

All projects follow a process that involves the client; needless to say every project
is different depending on the specific requirements, in order to always provide
a perfect product impeccably made to measure.

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