Maxe Frottage Ceramic

Whilst wondering, with a simple gesture you start scribbling,

like a child plays with a toy, or an artist with his imagination…

A feature for all! Take a plank of old wood, a sheet of thin paper, pencils

or pastels, reproduce the drawing from paper to ceramic and a moment

of art is created in the ceramic world.

This collection is dedicated to a great surrealist artist named

Max Ernst, and it takes us back to our carefree childhood

and to the simplicity of nature and its traces.

Three greens, three blues, a grey, a black, a white, a pale pink,

and a rusty colour all on a terracotta coloured porcelain

in size 15x120cm / 6”x48”, featuring Max.

Eight random patterns are magically reproduced from the manual movement

of nature’s traces. This product is full of poetry,

art and nature. What else do you want? Designed by Gigi Romanelli,

listening to Erik Satie.



An innovative product whit a strong emotional impact 

Ceramic and disign to shape your dream home 

Photo Studio Pepe - Valentina Sommariva

Photo Studio Pepe - Valentina Sommariva


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